Avicenna Digital Health in collaboration with Applied Robotics is offering a Telemedicine solution for pharmacy stores software WinRx.

In the face of COVID-19, healthcare systems worldwide are racing to adopt virtualized treatment approaches that obviate the need for physical meetings between patients and health providers. One of these virtual medical services, which was growing significantly even before the pandemic situation and many customers felt the need for it, was telemedicine.

DaaS (Doctor-as-a-Service) systems have access to the most important source for telemedicine features, physicians’ free time. One of the industry’s most innovative companies in Canada and North America, Avicenna Digital Health started a new innovation in the industry by connecting the EMR software infrastructure and pharmacy management software.

Now, the telemedicine feature was activated in the last update of WinRx, a pharmacy software by Applied Robotics. WinRx is a Windows-based pharmacy management system from Computer-Rx. It is designed with a focus on improving workflow. The most important features of WinRx include prescription monitoring, inventory tracking, and reporting.

If you use WinRx for the management of internal affairs of the pharmacy store, now your pharmacy store will have access to a list of Family Physicians and General Practitioners. The number of Physicians on this list will be gradually grown as reservations increases.

Telemedicine for Pharmacy

Telemedicine feature will bring more satisfaction and loyalty to pharmacies customers. If you have a walk-in patient who needs prescribed medication, and you assess that they should consult a physician you can use this feature and get your patient the help they need. This feature can also be used when your patient needs to have a refill but does not have access to their doctors to renew their prescription.

The WinRx system

It is convenient and can be done with just clicks of a few buttons. The WinRx system is in contact with several general practitioners and family physicians from the backend. These physicians are eligible to work in BC.

Whenever you request telemedicine for a patient, the system shows the free times of these physicians. Just choose the most appropriate time for the patient. The rest has been handled in the EMR of the relevant physician.

The physician will call the patient for the consultation, and you will receive the prescription via fax.

Please be careful that this feature is just launched for the patients and reasons which are covered by MSP, means the patient should have an eligible HIN, but we would expand it to all of them very soon.

Booking a Telemedicine appointment in the WinRx

In the following slides we show you how to book an appointment for your patient with the available physicians.

WinRx Pharmacy Telemedicine
1. On the WinRx home screen Click the "Patient" button.
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For any question or in case of any problem please contact us with telemedicine@arirx.ca. We would respond to you very soon.

We hope this will bring more satisfaction and loyalty to your customers.

Avicenna Digital Health Team