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Pharmacy guide: How to create an exceptional online client experience

Is offering a telemedicine service to your clients the ultimate phase of satisfaction? Well, we have to say it is not! Offering this service could be a good factor in enhancing the client experience, but you have to ensure everything goes well. What can you do to create an exceptional online client experience? We are here to guide you. 

What telemedicine service are you offering?

The first factor is to clarify whether you are providing an easy-to-use service. If you are a pharmacy partner of Avee, we guarantee that our system has a simple process, and your clients will not get confused. Additionally, since the appointments are via telephone, any age range can work with it. So, if you already chose Avee, you are halfway forward with your competitors.

If you provide any other telemedicine service, ensure that you fully understand the process and that your clients know the required details. To do this, you can offer training!

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Train your clients and employees about the system

A key to a successful client experience is knowing the process and training your clients before a telemedicine session. First, you need to ensure the employer booking the appointment is trained. If a small mistake happens in appointment booking, there could be a big disaster in the experience.

For example, if the person is unaware of submitting the booking process, the appointment may not be saved, and the physician wouldn’t be notified. As a result, no telemedicine session would be held, and the patient would have a bad experience. So, booking appointments accurately is important. 

Another side of training refers to the clients. Although there is not a big deal with the client side, you still need to provide a complete guide to using the system and handling the appointment so that no dark spot would remain in the client’s mind. 

To train your clients, you have multiple options: 

  • Provide a guide brochure.
  • Explain Orally (not suggested because it may be forgotten).
  • Publish a video on social media and send the link to the client right after they book an appointment.
  • Write a blog post on your website (if your pharmacy has a website – we will explain this more)
  • Invite your clients to Avee’s blog for more details (if you are our pharmacy partner).
  • Send emails or messages to the client right after they book an appointment (people are less likely to read long instructions, so it is better to keep it short).

Pharmacy website

Having a website for your pharmacy is absolutely useful. In the previous blog posts, we mentioned how to have a website for your pharmacy, its advantages, and a solution for those who don’t wish to have a website. Here you need to know, if you choose to have the website, what are the most important things you need to provide so that an exceptional client experience would be fulfilled. 

  1. Informative landing pages: include your services with a complete description of how to use your services. Location and contact details should also be included. Therefore clients can access you. 
  2. Blog: Includes the latest updates in your pharmacy, additional guides, self-care tips for clients, etc. 
  3. Tutorial videos: As mentioned, one of the best ways to interact with clients and teach them a process is by sharing videos. The website is a great platform to share your videos there. 
  4. Additional details: Invitation for Newsletter submission or any other marketing action you prefer to do can be done on the website. 


Always note that the more digital platforms you provide to your clients, the better experience they can have. 

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Provide online consultant

After training, some questions could still be in the client’s mind. In this case, you can support them with online consultants. It is also good to know that online consultants could help choose the best physician for telemedicine regarding their problem. For instance, your consultant team can suggest to the client 2 or 3 special physicians for cold issues or some other physician for annual checkups, etc. 

Since tens of physicians could collaborate with you, choosing the best physician for their problem may sound overwhelming. This consultation can help them and increase the client experience very well. 

It is good to clarify what patients can have a telemedicine appointment and what not for your clients! This means some special diseases, such as heart issues, need an in-person visit. 

Ask for feedback

Knowing what your clients experienced in a telemedicine session helps you find the obstacles they met and try to fix them. That’s why it is a great idea to ask your clients to give you feedback and then check the positive and negative reviews. 

Asking for feedback can be done through various platforms. One of the best ways is to ask your clients to write you google reviews that explain the details about it in another blog post. Note that google review will not only help you find negative and positive points, but it also helps other potential customers have an idea about your brand by reading others’ reviews. So, this is a marketing strategy as well. 

Another way is to send your clients a form questioning their experience. And finally, a more traditional solution is just contacting them via telephone to ask about their experience. You can also add an auto-reply, asking clients to rate you from 1 to 5, meaning the worst to the best experience. 

Client experience is a treasure in every business

Regardless of the business category, client experience plays the most important in customer satisfaction and business survival. As a result, paying attention to this factor is imperative. Suppose you have already received a good client experience. In that case, these tips will help you enhance good to exceptional, and if it is the first time you’re trying to measure client experience, don’t miss out on implementing these tips to get a better result. 

Do you have more tips to add to this list? Share your idea in the comment section and let this article be completed. 


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