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How does telemedicine help doctors have a Work-Life Balance and Productivity?

No matter what the working schedule is, research shows that almost 50% of physicians experience burnout under work pressure. Well, what physicians do is a very sensitive and energy-consuming action that makes physicians need multiple break times. Now consider that something like telemedicine can increase the productivity of physicians’ jobs while keeping the work-life balance within a standard range. 

Yes! That’s the key for doctors who need break times but want to get in touch with their patients. This article will review items that help doctors have a work-life balance and productivity! If you are interested in this topic, please read it to the end. 


What does work-life balance mean?

Work-life time balance is a common expression. Although many think it means a 50-50 situation between work and personal life, it actually refers to the state of equilibrium where one person efficiently balances work-life and personal life. 

Our zone specifies how a person prioritizes career and personal demands to create a work-life balance. The best you can do is to create a schedule to balance your personal and work life.

In addition to all, life is not always predictable, so here are some of the common reasons which will lead to a poor work-life balance include:

  • Working longer hours
  • Increased responsibilities at work
  • Having children 
  • Marriage 
  • Increased responsibilities at home

When we talk about creating a work-life schedule, you have to consider the fact that the schedule is not a fixed timetable. What works for you today might be useless tomorrow, so your timetable might change daily based on your life stages.

Furthermore, each person has unique work-life routines. Since everyone has different life priorities, a personal plan would perform best.

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How does telemedicine increase work-life balance for physicians? 

Physicians’ work-life balance is non-existent most of the time. How can technology help them? Telemedicine is a solution that will help medical providers bring flexibility to their life schedules and improve balance. Let’s see how.

Manage your schedule

One main point about telemedicine is that virtual appointments can occur anytime and anywhere. The independence from time and location will allow physicians flexibility and convenience that wasn’t possible in traditional appointments. As a result, with the help of telemedicine, doctors can take more time off, do house responsibilities, practice, and even work from abroad. 

Reduce travel work time

Telemedicine provides an opportunity to save a lot of money and time commuting. In addition to those physicians based in rural areas, normal doctors will be released from having to present office at a certain time, stocking in traffic congestion, and dealing with work-life balance.  

Take vacations

Previously we talked about conducting patient appointments anywhere at any time. Medical professionals only need internet access or trusted signals to make phone calls to visit a patient; there is no other limitation. This advantage would allow them to take a trip and remain available for patients.  

See more patients in less time

Telemedicine services require fewer steps than traditional visits. Now providers can conduct appointments via video quickly and reduce wasted time in the office. Physicians can have more patients in less time, which leads to more income without working longer hours.

How does telemedicine increase productivity for physicians? 

In addition to increasing work-life balance, telemedicine will also enhance physicians’ productivity. Telemedicine profits for increasing productivity include:

Better physical health

Telemedicine provides medical professionals extra time, and being away from the workplace reduces burnout, which means better productivity and less physical pressure. Most health providers cannot have a workout routine because of their job, but less time in the office will give physicians time to exercise and engage in physical activities. 

Reduce stress level

Stress levels and productivity are opposite. Based on research, medical providers who experience higher stress levels are less able to focus and solve problems. Since telemedicine increases work-life balance and reduces some stress causes like commuting, spending long hours in the office, and being exposed to patients’ inflections, health providers will face less stress and have more productivity.

Flexible hours 

Like any normal human, there are some days that health providers are not in a good mood to present in society, but they have to work because their patients need them. Through telehealth services, they can manage their work hour and organize them in a way that helps them to rest and be available. Flexible work hour also helps them to hold more appointments than traditional ones. 

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Where can Canadian physicians make the most of telemedicine services?

Let’s say which platform suits physicians to offer telemedicine services to their patients. Well, the answer highly depends on the physicians’ preferences, so it cant be said that one platform is definitely unacceptable. However, Avicenna is where physicians can meet their needs!

We gathered around to provide telemedicine service and help physicians have a work-life balance and increase their productivity. On the other hand, pharmacies and patients can also make the most of our services and maximize their experience using telemedicine.

If you are a physician who recently decided to visit patients via a telemedicine service, please simply sign up as a physician on the Avicenna website and start collaborating with us. This way, we guarantee an enhancement in your productivity and create a sufficient work-life balance where you can meet all your needs. Please contact us if you need further information about joining Avicenna as a physician. Please note that Avicenna is currently available for physicians in BC but will expand the services to other provinces soon. 

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