What are the advantages of Avee’s telemedicine service for pharmacies?

Nowadays, technology penetrates every field, making the process easier and more convenient. That’s why this concept is so popular around the world. One field that can make the most of technology in medicine and healthcare; when this happens, it is called telemedicine (or telehealth). Here, we will check the advantages of telemedicine service for pharmacies in Canada to prove that it is truly beneficial for them to use it. 

Before referring to the main topic, it is worth having a short review of the telemedicine service; And then introducing you to Avee telemedicine service in Canada. Then, we will review the advantages of Avee’s telemedicine service for pharmacies. So, stay with us until the end!


What is telemedicine?

As the name represents, tele refers to an action done remotely via digital devices. When medicine merges this method, it means that the medical service process, which could be a prescription renewal, monthly checkups, diagnosing an illness or disorder, etc., is done via a digital device. This digital device can vary based on the technology claimed for the telemedicine services. 

For instance, some systems only support audio calls through fixed lines. However, some others not only support audio calls through any platform but also, in some cases, support video conference services. 

Join avee as a pharmacy partner

What is Avee? 

Avee is a telemedicine service launched in Canada, helping patients, physicians, and pharmacies communicate conveniently. It helps pharmacies book meetings for patients in a few seconds, and patients can find their desired physician to have a remote appointment with them. And finally, physicians will be able to make the most of their free time by visiting more patients through Avee. 

This is a general concept of Avee’s telemedicine service in Canada, but it is not the whole story. In the coming section, we will learn more about the advantages of telemedicine services for pharmacies. 

Advantages of Avee telemedicine service for pharmacies

When it comes to a telemedicine service, each user of the service can benefit from it. But this time, we would like to specifically focus on the advantages of the Avee telemedicine service for pharmacies. To check this, let’s have a short overview of the process that a pharmacy experiences in Avee. 

Avee’s telemedicine service is compatible with the WinRx system, which is currently popular among pharmacies for booking appointments with different physicians. This means that without any change in the telemedicine booking process, pharmacies can use the Avee system as well. 

Another interesting feature of joining Avee’s telemedicine service for pharmacies is, having a webpage separately. This works as a website for pharmacies, can do SEO techniques, and reach the first pages of SERP, attracting more clients. Apart from that, previous Avee patients can check your pharmacy page, compare it to other options and choose the best, which again creates a chance for pharmacies to access more patients. 

One more to mention is bringing more authority to the pharmacy. Although all Canadian pharmacies provide standard services, once people, especially young adults, notice some online activities available for the pharmacies, they try to trust the pharmacy more than normal local ones. 

Last but not least, pharmacies have the opportunity to collaborate with more physicians accessing Avee. Various physicians are currently using Avee, and pharmacies can start collaborating by joining Avee’s telemedicine service.

Avee is compatible with winrx


So, the advantages of Avee telemedicine service for pharmacies could be shortened:

  • No need to upgrade the systems and facilities
  • More clients are attracted
  • More value and authority come to the pharmacy
  • Opportunity to work with various physicians 


Join Avee as a pharmacy partner.

If you want your pharmacy to be known to more physicians and patients, you must apply on the Avee website as a pharmacy partner. This way, Avee considers you a new partner to offer for the patients looking for the best-located pharmacy. For further details, please don’t hesitate to check our website and contact us by leaving a message. 


FAQ about Avee for pharmacy partners 

Is Avee compatible with WinRx?

Yes, it is. Sign up on the Avee website and connect your WinRx system to your pharmacy webpage. 

What is the advantage of Avee’s telemedicine service for pharmacies? 

With the help of Avee, your pharmacy has the opportunity to be introduced to more patients who search for Canadian telemedicine services online. It means more clients for your pharmacy!

What is the use of the webpage for pharmacies provided by Avee?

Once you join Avee as a pharmacy partner, a webpage will be launched for you, offering your pharmacy details and helping clients learn more about you. This means an opportunity to access a vaster range of patients. 

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