Unknown Facts and Features of WinRx That Every Pharmacy Has to Know

What do you know about WinRx and its incredible benefits for Canadian pharmacies? 

It is an excellent on-premise pharmacy management solution designed for the pharmacy environment. 

The excellent features of WinRx, such as adherence to monitoring, medication therapy management, the process of claiming the reconciliation, and the ability to get an appointment through telemedicine, have made it an ideal solution. 

Are you aware that WinRx allows users to use different interfaces and helps customize the workflow, proper automation, a suitable voice answer, an online checking tool, and get visited in less than 2 hours?

In this regard, let’s know more about WinRx pharmacy software and its details. Keep your eyes glued to the screen, and let us take you to the details.

What is WinRx Pharmacy Software? 

You may have heard about WinRx software, which is significantly used in Canada for insurance and for getting in touch with patients to make an appointment. Simply put, the WinRx software is used in pharmacies a lot. 

You may be curious to know why we use this software in pharmacies. To answer your question, we have to say that it allows the users to keep track of inventories, check the availability, and order new stock in case of a shortage in the pharmacy.

The WinRx software has its user manual, and you can quickly learn how to operate it.

WinRx offers users a lot of integrations that will help them customize the workflow with the help of work automation. 

On the other hand, WinRx also allows the users to access the business operations with the help of the mobile application. WinRx support is also provided by phone or email.

How to Work with WinRx?

The pharmacy management solution software in the WinRx manual has a unique design, and anyone can operate it only if they have the know-how. 

You can work with the WinRx manual easier once you follow the steps below.

Step 1: Start by clicking on the WinRx icon you see on the desktop, and you can log in easily. 

If you desire to be informed about the version of the program and its date, you can see the box available in the middle of the screen.

Step 2: Follow the section right at the top left corner of the screen that asks you to enter your user ID and password, and then press Enter button to proceed. If your password or ID is incorrect, your system automatically locks you out. 

Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete, and your system will restart, and you will have to log in again. You can quickly look and search for easy WinRx tutorials along with manuals and how you can operate with this software easier.

Remember that specific fields have to be filled by you. 

Make sure you enter the initials on the previous page earlier. 

Enter your first and last name both. 

Type PHARM for pharmacists and the tab to the field of Diploma No. 

You should enter the pharmacy’s license should be entered in the section of a license assigned by the college of pharmacists of BC.

The password you enter should be of six numbers and letters. 

Finally, press the F10 button to exit, go to the supervisor menu, and save all the changes you made.

Different Features of WinRx

Now that you know about the WinRx pharmacy software, it is also a good idea to know some of its features.  These features have made the software a great one to be used by pharmacies.  Let us go to the details of the software and understand it better.

The pharmacy management mainly focused on the workflow of the pharmacy itself.  It is a Windows-based program responsible for helping the users maximize their efficiency, improve the prescription process, and, last but not least, maximize reimbursement.

Point of sale is another feature that integrates with the computer Rx to pride very accurate and instant management of the inventories.  We should add that the point of sale offers the latest P2PE encryptions to the users.

Mobile applications are responsible for optimizing the pharmacy operations and connecting the patients with you.  They ensure an improved engagement with the patients, a curbside pickup, and, finally, the delivery of services with the help of mobile applications.

Coordination is considered the best solution responsible for connecting you to all the business’s needs and requirements in a very convenient place. It includes the clinical opportunities, the product, and the support information.

A seamless point of sale system can provide all the customers with a great experience that supports the growth of the business.  It is an integrated system that can give a good insight by maximizing efficiency.

Last but not least, WinRx pharmacy software can help generate the OTC revenue, which will help train the pharmacy members to improve all the services they provide.

Some Facts About WinRx Manual

Did you know that the WinRx pharmacy software has a program, namely Hnclient, to communicate to the higher internet access?

If the program stops suddenly, you can go to the start, programs, startup right on your desktop and restart it by double-clicking. 

Though it is software used in the pharmacies, did you know that each employee working there has a different level of security?

Did you know that you can increase your patient’s satisfaction by getting an appointment for them through WINRX?

What is the Telemedicine Option in WINRX?

The telemedicine feature is included in the package “Pharmacy Dashboard.”

Avicenna Digital Health provides WinRx with a FREE Telemedicine service that gives the pharmacy access to a pool of family doctors and general practitioners.

You may utilize this option to get your patient the care they need if you have a walk-in patient who requires prescription medicine and you think they should see a doctor. This function may also be utilized if your patient needs a refill but does not have access to their doctor.

Also, through telemedicine and WinRx, you can allow your patients to schedule appointments using your website instead of calling the pharmacy. With WinRx Appointments, you can automate your appointment scheduling process.


We know all about the WinRx pharmacy software and how you can use the WinRx manual. 

It is an excellent time for pharmacies to have the right tools to drive their success.  WinRx is a widows-based solution, allowing the pharmacies to monitor everything from the prescription to controlling the inventories. 

Don’t you think it is high time for all the pharmacies to start using this software? Do you want to shorten the way to digital transformation? Get a demo from Avicenna!


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