The Importance of Telemedicine and Its Role in Patient Satisfaction

Those days when patients waited a long time for their appointment time to come are gone. With the help of the telemedicine option in WinRx and Avicenna, pharmacies in Canada have started connecting patients and doctors faster and easier using the telecommunication process. 

Patients can now easily visit the pharmacies and ask to help them make appointments with their respective doctors. 

A fast and cheaper procedure would quickly get patients to their desired doctor. The process has gained attention and has resulted in patient satisfaction. Significantly, during the pandemic outbreak, this process helped immensely, and patients went through their timely diagnosis and care.

Satisfaction comes when the patient is happy with the healthcare service provided both in and outside the doctor’s chamber. 

Telemedicine, in this regard, has had its significant advantages and has been able to keep the patients gratified. 

In this regard, let’s go ahead and read more about telemedicine and how it has benefited patients and gained their satisfaction.

What is common Between Telemedicine and Patient Satisfaction?

We should mention that telemedicine, especially video consultation, has been implemented rapidly and is liked and highly desired by all patients in Canada.

Today, patients trust telemedicine services and their doctor’s diagnoses. They are more willing to rely on the services of telemedicine that the pharmacies provide. Some researchers have focused more on the factors contributing to the trust in telemedicine services.

Factors like:

  • Timely appointments with the desired doctors
  • Proper follow-up and aftercare
  • No travel expenses 

have made telemedicine services ideal for patients and have gained patient satisfaction.

Even during the pandemic outbreak, telehealth services helped patients immensely, raising their satisfaction levels. Patients’ trust and gratification with telemedicine services made the process flawless. 

Imagine sitting at home and getting diagnosed by your doctor through telecommunication. Isn’t it amazing? Wouldn’t you feel satisfied if you were getting diagnosed in this manner?

According to the National Library of Medicine, people use telehealth a lot these days, and it has become a viable modality, especially regarding patient care. Even though the doctor makes a diagnosis via telecommunication, it is done with high quality and attention to detail, resulting in patient satisfaction.

According to the WHO, telemedicine is a healthcare service done from a distance. It is the professional use of communication and information in exchange for a high-quality diagnosis, treatment, and even prevention of diseases. 

Via telemedicine services, doctors can diagnose specific issues such as:

  • Diarrhea
  • Colds and coughs
  • Infections
  • Insect bites
  • Allergies
  • Etc.

WHO has recognized the branches of telemedicine such as teleradiology, teledermatology, telepathology, and telepsychology.

Today, patient satisfaction is a significant growth factor, mainly in healthcare. The patient’s voice is known to be the measure by which satisfaction is measured.

Patient satisfaction is easily associated with the telemedicine modality that pharmacies provide. Canada has offered comfort and satisfaction to all its people and has met all the patients’ expectations. 

Telemedicine is a feasible and excellent means of providing healthcare services even to remote areas. Thanks to technology, such services will continue to grow, and it is up to us to use them or not.

Why Is It Important to Use Telemedicine for Patient Satisfaction?

For years, traditional healthcare facilities have been used. Even today, a lot of countries still follow the same process. Canada changed conventional healthcare services and started using telemedicine and telecommunications. Putting the health and comfort of the people first, Canada has gained trust and gratitude.

It is a great way to change and break all the barriers preventing patients from getting timely attention and satisfaction.

If any patient is not satisfied with the remote services from pharmacies and telemedicine, it will result in inexpensive services.

Often, patients are old and do not have much patience to wait for days to get an appointment with the desired doctor. With the emergence of WinRx and excellent telemedicine options, life has become way more accessible, irrespective of age group. Patients can get their appointments quickly by approaching the pharmacies and asking for help. 

Telemedicine has made life comfortable and fast, but it has also helped patients and doctors communicate via telecommunication and diagnose specific issues that do not require on-site appointments.

According to the narrative review and analysis by Clemens Scott Kruse and Nicole Kurowski, the patient’s voice should always be heard. The overall result was that it is possible to get patient satisfaction, and it is highly associated with the modality when it comes to telemedicine. Still, at times, efficiency and effectiveness factors are mixed and confused. 

Patient satisfaction was evident when telemedicine met their expectations by giving proper and timely care through video conference and telecommunication. 

The low cost is another significant aspect that telemedicine got the patients’ satisfaction. Since it is far, no travel expenses or extra charges make it ideal for the patients.

Telemedicine simultaneously reduces unnecessary costs for patients and service providers, which is another reason that adds to the patients’ satisfaction.


Now, by knowing more about telemedicine and the resulting patient satisfaction, we know that it is an excellent service offered by Canadian pharmacies. Use these services to get your doctor to treat you in your comfort zone via telecommunication.

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