safe medication during critical occasions

Offer safe medication during critical occasions to the clients

Many of us have experienced critical occasions or probably will, and it is inevitable! The point is in critical occasions, safe medication can help us dramatically, even to save lives. But how is this claimable? What’s the role of pharmacies in preparing safe medication during critical occasions to the public? Apart from all the moral effects of these services, it is interesting to know that offering safe medication during critical occasions to the clients prepares customer loyalty which helps you enter a hundred sure win-win action. So, let’s dive in to learn more. 

safe medication tips offered by pharmacies

What are critical occasions?

First and foremost, we must realize what kinds of occasions are critical. 

  • Pregnancy: antenatal care in the first trimester is the most crucial period for the baby’s development while the mother’s body undergoes serious changes as well.
  • Traveling: mostly in-nature trips with limited access to medication services.
  • Dealing with severe diseases: such as HIV, cancer, heart issues, etc., in which the patient would have limitations in taking medications.
  • Children with disorders: including ADHD (attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder), DS (down syndrome), ASD (autism spectrum disorder), etc., in which the patient is not following routine medications compared to people without disorders.
  • People with disabilities: such as deafness, blindness, paralysis, etc., in which mobility becomes hard for the patients. 


 What is the role of pharmacies in offering safe medications? 

Pharmacy’s imperative role in providing health services is undeniable. However, there are things to consider while playing this role. Besides telemedicine service, you can offer the below options. We will discuss the telemedicine role after checking other items.

helper catalogs

1. Tutorial Brochures

A successful pharmacy helps society be healthier. This action can be done by offering catalogs showing medical tutorials. For example, if you have pregnant clients (that surely you have), prepare a catalog including the healthcare tips for each month of pregnancy. It is also important to note some special occasions, such as spotting, pregnant on trips, baby’s movements, etc. 

Sometimes offering some healthcare tips for people around the pregnant would be practical. For example, what the father should do, what kind of nutrition must be included in the pennant’s diet, and so on. 

This can be similar to any other critical occasions mentioned above. To prepare these kinds of brochures, you need to categorize the clients and offer a diversity of catalogs to each category. If they’re dealing with certain diseases, then offer a catalog including tips related to the illness. 


2. Tips through emails or SMS

Send daily or weekly healthcare tips to your clients through email or SMS. Believe it or not, this will enhance customer loyalty very well. Even if you’re not thinking about customer loyalty, this would be a serious action for many people. Sometimes a quick reminder can save a life!

medicine delivery

3. Offer medicine delivery services 

As the process of receiving prescriptions is done via faxing, the pharmacy owners access the prescriptions with no hesitation. This means you can contact your clients and ask them if they’re interested in receiving their medicines on-site or not. This action can also affect customer satisfaction since they keep in mind that you care. 


The other benefit of this action is for the pharmacies. You will simply avoid any decline in getting the prescription. Sometimes patients forget to refer to the pharmacy and get their medicines (let’s say for simple illnesses such as colds). By contacting them and offering delivery service, you will kind of remind them about the medication process. 


Delivering medicines to the client’s desired location can be important for people with disabilities as well. If mobility is not easy for your clients, make it easy for them! 


Although it is not much related to this blog’s purpose, it is good to mention the last benefit of this service. You will open a part-time job opportunity as a delivery person for those looking for.

4. Website or online resource

Having an online resource for your clients to check the latest healthcare tips, have an accurate contact and location of your pharmacy, and a way to leave their comments about your services is a crucial factor for every business nowadays. If you have a website, you already own an online, up-to-date resource where your clients can read about the latest healthcare tips and make the most of this feature. 

If there is no website, think about being active on a social media platform like LinkedIn, Instagram, or Facebook. 

Keep in mind that by joining Avee, you can have a free webpage for your pharmacy, representing your services, location, and contact details. Avee will stand by your side in the marketing section. 

telemedicine service

5. Telemedicine 

When it comes to offering safe medication during critical occasions, two of the most important factors are convenience and the speed of the service you offer. As the name represents, it is a critical occasion, and the medication service needs to be conveniently urgent. Telemedicine solves the issue. First, let’s have a correct definition of telemedicine in Canada. 

Telemedicine is the process of visiting a desired physician in short sessions remotely, which is done via telephone in Canada. The role of pharmacies in this process is to activate telemedicine service among their other services. You can simply join Avee and connect physicians to your clients, book an appointment, and cease the medication process.

This will not only increase customer satisfaction but can also bring more reputation to your pharmacy, and it will help you receive more prescriptions as well. 


Improve society’s health by safe medication during critical occasions

That’s all! You can follow 5 crucial steps to positively impact society’s health by offering safe medication during critical occasions. These steps will also help you increase customer satisfaction and experience while more prescriptions would flow to your pharmacy. This is a win-win game! Enter it and see how surprising the effects it will have. 

Do you know any other tips to add to this list? If so, please don’t hesitate to comment for us.

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