Social media marketing for pharmacies

How to use social media to attract more clients to your pharmacy

Social media is now an essential tool for every and any business around the world. This tool lets you access millions of audiences and turn them into clients with effortless yet continuous actions. To reach this aim for your pharmacy, you must first know the top social media platforms matching your business and then stick the tips to your mind. So, let’s dive in!


What are the top social media platforms for pharmacies?

When naming social media platforms, choosing the top ones may sound a bit risky. However, the more people use a platform, the better it could be. Although, you need to pay attention to the buyer persona of your business, which is patients of different ages in this case. Here are the 3 best platforms pharmacies can make the most of it.


  1. Instagram
  2. Linked-in
  3. Facebook


Nevertheless, you can use other platforms based on personal experience and preferences. Keep in mind that utilizing social media platforms help you have a healthy flow of new clients and reach the success you always dreamed of for your pharmacy. Therefore, it is vital to be actively accessible through an online network. 

best social media for pharmacies

Tips for using different social media platforms for your pharmacy

You may wonder how you can use Instagram, Linked-in or Facebook to achieve long-term or short-term client attractions in every season of your business. 

How to use Instagram to reach out to clients?

Before letting you know about Instagram tips, it is worth mentioning that Instagram has billions of users worldwide, even though it is not the most popular social media currently. Till 2020, Instagram had 2 billion active users, and about 12 million of this share was for Canada. This means that, currently, we are in the last months of 2022, and there could be a chance of accessing 12 million potential clients for your pharmacy! So, it is worth joining this platform as a business. 

All you need to do on this platform is provide valuable content using related hashtags. Once “Good” content is published, people will get to know you. The next step is to turn these visits to clients. This needs Instagram strategies based on your preferences:

  1. DM your follower
  2. Reply to public comments

Actively respond to the followers to show value to the clients and enhance the page’s engagement. More engagement means higher rates from Instagram and appearing in the “Explore” section. 

attract clients through social media

How to use Facebook to reach out to clients? 

Facebook is the most popular social media with 2.91 billion users. The share of Canada in this statistic is around 30 million, which is more than 1% of the total users. If you’d like to attract more clients through Facebook, you’ll have 2 options:

  1. Use Facebook ads to promote posts or start DM conversations using retargeting strategy.
  2. Generate leads from Facebook posts to your website, Google my business page, other social media platforms, or any other online page you have. 

You can also use analyzing tools connecting to Facebook and follow up on the changes. This way, you can build a specific strategy for your pharmacy, deciding when to post what! Please don’t forget that creating valuable content is also a must on Facebook.


How to use Linked-in to reach out to clients?

Do you know LinkedIn as a Resume builder? If so, you need to update your idea about this platform. LinkedIn is not only a powerful Resume Builder but also a popular social media platform among specialists in different fields. Since the clients of a pharmacy could be from any social level, it is crucial to be there for all of them. 

Linked-in allows you to promote social media posts and website blog posts while you can reach more clients or even post job vacancies to find employees. 

It is good to note that LinkedIn helps you find some content ideas. Many of your colleagues and referrers are actively using Linked-in. Check out what they post and how they communicate with people and learn the strategies. 

One more thing is that you can entitle voting to the audience about possible changes you can apply to the pharmacy. Of course, voting is available on the other two social media platforms. Still, it is better to ask about colleagues’ and audiences’ ideas simultaneously when it comes to the pharmacy upgrades. 

Consider a 3 C’s strategy for your LinkedIn profile and make the platform lead you to success:

  1. Connect
  2. Compliment 
  3. Collaborate
get more clients on social media

Social media marketing, a method to reach more clients for pharmacies

It has been a while since social media marketing turned out to be a practical way to attract more clients for almost every business. An essential thing you should always keep in mind is content. Content is the communication tool to the audience, and the more valuable content you create, the more interested audience you’ll have. 

To have an ideal social media content calendar for your pharmacy, you should consider a one-month plan and update it regularly based on the analysis of the page till you figure out a good one. Finding the best strategies may take a while; however, once you reach them, the number of clients enhances dramatically. 

As the final tip, don’t forget that your pharmacy’s username for social media platforms should be compatible with the brand name. Please avoid naming the pages something irrelated. 

Avee offers to build a web page, add you to google my business and promote your pages by asking clients to write reviews for you. As soon as you create a social media platform for your pharmacy, you can make the most of connecting these platforms and promote them parallelly. 

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