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How to make the most of Google reviews for pharmacies

That’s why we recommend you have a Google page for your pharmacy. If you haven’t added it, read our step-by-step guide on adding a Google page for your pharmacy. Now we would like to give you some tips to make the most of Google reviews on your page and encourage new clients to refer to your pharmacy. First, we need to know what Google review is and why it is important. 

What is Google review?

When you search for a location with a valid page on Google, including the contact details, location, working schedule, etc., you’ll find a review page within these details. This review is mostly completed by real clients who had experience referring to that place. We say “mostly completed by real clients” because some online tools can buy reviews to enhance your page rate, and real reviews would work much better. 


what is google reviews

Why do pharmacies need Google reviews?

Consider a patient looking for a nearby pharmacy; the first thing they do is search on Google. The search result may end up with tens of options, but which one do you think the patient chooses? Exactly, the one which attracts his attention by the reviews and rates. 

Generally, people try to choose a place with a higher rank, regardless of how far it is. So, even if your pharmacy is not in the proximity of the searching client, you will have the chance to attract them by showing up your services, high ranks, and the value you create for them. 

This is where Google reviews can change the game and let your pharmacy be the client’s preference. 

Google reviews would be leads generated by previous clients, helping you to attract more real customers. 

How to get organic Google reviews?

First and foremost, you should make a Google page for your pharmacy, that you can read the guide in the blog post “How to add a Google page to your pharmacy.” Then you can process receiving reviews. 

The main thing you can do to receive more reviews is to ask people to do it for you! Typically, there are two methods you can ask people to write a helpful review for your pharmacy page on Google:

  1. Ask in-person
  2. Use marketing materials

So, how does each work?

How to get reviews on google

Ask in-person to write your pharmacy Google reviews

Once you visit a client at the pharmacy, ask them to write you reviews. You can simply add a QR code to the Google page at the end of their receipt or text them the link regarding a “Thanks for choosing us” message. 

Use marketing materials to receive Google reviews 

Of course, when you visit a client in the pharmacy, they will leave you contact info. You can use these contact details to communicate with them and send them marketing items such as SMS and emails. 

Here are some messages you can use to encourage people to write you reviews:

  1. Please support us, and help others have a quality experience by adding your reviews on Google.
  2. With your reviews, not only are we more pleased to enhance our services, but also other clients can make the most of your experience and choose the best!
  3. Google reviews are a valuable signature of your experience; please let us have this chance to receive a review from you. 

Once your clients start writing reviews, other visitors can see and decide whether to choose you or not. 


How to get reviews from online tools?

Although organic reviews are more valuable for a brand, you have the opportunity to use review tools to enhance your page rate. This can be done via different tools. The review writers are real people; however, they may have never used your services and will write you some pre-written messages. This is why we don’t call it organic. 

The tools below are some of the review sellers you can compare and find the best fit your goals:

  • Grade us
  • Feefo
  • Nice job
  • Starloop
  • Rising star reviews
  • Boast
benefits of google reviews

Tips to have more useful reviews

The more unique services you offer, the more encouraged customers you will have who would like to write reviews for you. So, the first factor is offering a unique service to the clients. One of these services could be telemedicine, and Avee is here to support you. 


Next, it would be a good idea if you suggest to the clients to write about a specific issue. For instance, a few of them can write for the services, a few for the friendly staff, some for the variety of products, etc. 


Lastly, you can offer clients a gift for the reviews they write. This can be free delivery to their preffered location, a discount on some health tools, etc. 

What does my pharmacy need now?

Did you know that we at Avee offer a free mailing service to announce your clients to write a review for you? This means you don’t have to take all the burden, and we are here for you. All you need is to join Avee and make the most of Google reviews, as well as have a Google page for your pharmacy, telemedicine services, and happy clients. Are you interested? Then contact our support team to guide you anytime.  

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