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How to get more patients for your pharmacy with Google Maps

To improve your business and reach more customers, you must stay up-to-date and grow in parallel with technology. Among all features that help businesses to boost their visibility and number of customer Google features such as Google Map is one of the best ways can help your pharmacy stand out online. With Google Map, not only can you ensure your pharmacy appear on local search, but also your patient has an easier way of contacting you or finding more about your information and services.

To find out more about using Google Maps for pharmacy and how to get more patients, follow the rest of the article.

What is Google Maps marketing?

Marketing with google map is utilizing Google Maps features functionally to pop up when a potential customer searches for a service or product related to your business. Of course, to take advantage of marketing strategies, you need to consider all efforts. Still, Google Maps for pharmacies, especially for newly established ones, is a reliable way to attract patients. 

Google Map work based on the nearest location. For instance, when someone searches “general pharmacies” on the google search bar, instead of displaying over 100 useless pages, google will show results for nearby pharmacies offering general services. This is how google provides a suitable answer for people and helps businesses to grow.

google maps marketing for pharmacies

Google Maps for pharmacy listing not only includes names and business locations but also includes:

  • Types of service offered
  • Customer ratings
  • Links to the website
  • Phone number and address direction
  • Work hours, and whether or not a business is currently open.

Google Maps is available for mobile phones and desktops, handy when someone is on the go. It means that everyone can find their desired destination and drive there directly. 

How to do Google Maps for pharmacy

When the Google Maps feature was released, google published a structure explaining how businesses place in local ranking search results:

“Local results are based primarily on relevance, distance, and prominence. These factors are combined to help find the best match for your search.”

The point is, if you have an established pharmacy, you might find Google Maps already put your business on the list. But having a place in google lists doesn’t guarantee that it includes your relevant information; even worse, some details might be outdated or incorrect. So let’s see how to correct and add information in Google Maps.


How to claim a business on Google Maps

You will show up for businesses that already exist in the Google map list once you search business name on the Google Maps application or website. Then click on the name or red pin to toggle to more information about your pharmacy.

Here you should also find an option as “Claim this business.” Click on the link and log into your Google account. You must register now if you don’t have Google My Business (GMB). Don’t panic if you don’t know how to run a google business account; here you can find our special article on creating a GMB for pharmacies.

rating on google maps

After logging in to your google account, you have to verify your business ownership, and then you can change information on Google Maps for pharmacy. The ways that google offers verification depend on the information already associated with the business.

Examples of options for business ownership verification include

  • Verify by email: google will send a verification code to your email.
  • Verify by phone: google will SMS you a verification code or call you and read the code.
  • Verify by postcode: google will mail the code to the listing address.
  • Verify by Google search console: this feature helps you to claim your business without needing a security code. It just needed you to register to the same email address as your console account.

How to add a new business to Google Maps

Now, if your business does not show up on Google Maps, you should enter your address into Google Maps. To add your pharmacy, find your exact address on Google Maps, then ‘Click’ on the map.

On the opened panel, choose ‘Add your business’ and enter essential details such as name, industry category, and work hours. Here is a brief look at adding your pharmacy to Google Maps:

  1. Fill in an accurate address.
  2. Optimizing Google my business introduction 
  3. Verify your place on Google My Business 
  4. Create Local citations

What is a google profile?

Google My business is an advanced phone directory that offers all relevant details in addition to photos, customer reviews, and special services. GMB provides a potential field to grow for all businesses, from newest to oldest. So, it would be best if you considered completing the GMB profile as a crucial step for developing your business. 

Google’s business profile shortcut the way to success and brand promotion. Every detail you add to your google profile is a new way of optimizing your business and increasing the chance of showing you up in relevant search results. Plus, adding more information will bring new patients to your business, which is the best advantage of using Google Maps for pharmacy.

To ensure you have a complete and satisfying Google profile that leads customers to your business directly, add the following information to your profile:

  • Address 
  • Photos and videos
  • Pharmacy services
  • Category
  • Contact info
  • Work hours
  • A summary of what you can offer

Don’t forget that, like your main website, a business profile can be optimized with keywords like business services. Last but not least, remember to keep your profile up to date with new contact information and make it easy to find by a search result.

Google Maps can end with more clients 

Using Google Maps for a pharmacy brand is one of the most effective marketing strategies to target local customers. Adding a business to Google Maps and optimizing a GMB boosts your local search and builds a strong brand awareness, which is essential for brand growth. In conclusion, even though you are an in-person service, don’t underestimate using the online feature for your pharmacy.


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