efficient marketing when costs rise

How to boost your pharmacy marketing efficiency while costs are rising

Now that hyperinflation has spread everywhere, it’s no wonder if you see the effects on your pharmacy business. Meanwhile, the good news is developing and growing a business is still possible by pinpointing some marketing efficiency. As you can see in successful businesses, marketing always creates new solutions for any problem. Here are some tips to know how we can save money and continue to grow up by using efficient marketing for pharmacies.

Marketing and surviving business from inflation

Nowadays, you may face rising costs, whether a small daily purchase like grocery shopping or a big one like buying a house and, most importantly, your own business. It seems cost rising is no more deniable, and we must figure out how to rescue our business before it drowns in inflation.

Among all, considering marketing strategies can help not only healthcare businesses but also any business that tends to grow. If you are currently in a situation where appointments aren’t filling in like in the past, but expenses rise, marketing would be one the most helpful things that bring new customers. 

In addition to reducing in-person customers, seeing a drop in visits to your pharmacy website is not far from expected; fewer people book your page, and the costs of your ad campaign on social platforms are climbing. Even one of these reasons can be enough to tempt you to give up and quit, but we are here to give you some of the best ways of efficient marketing for pharmacies to stay up and boost your business.

But finding aspects that are crucial for business growth is not easy and can waste lots of energy and resources. With marketing, especially in economic changes, you can find the pinpoint of your business that is the potential to bring customers and improve your performance. Now let’s see how we can use digital marketing for pharmacy. 

When one strategy is enough

Before we go for our efficient marketing for pharmacies, we should mention all follow-up tips around the concept of a marketing funnel, which is a perfect way to grow your business in less time. In the journey of using a marketing strategy for your pharmacy, you have to follow 5 necessary steps to reach efficient marketing for pharmacies:

Brand awareness

There are lots of people who are not aware of your brand at all, and you might have something to help them. As you know, when people search for a solution, at first go for google search, then ask people on their network, and that’s how they might find you. As a result, you should ensure your business will appear where people are looking for information or solution that you can afford.

tips to have efficient marketing strategy


In the second step, after people find your business, they will get curious and want to find information about you to make a purchasing decision. Here you have to attract them with your products and services. So having a good amount of information on your website, social media, and more is important.


This is your magic part in converting a visitor to a customer. We must emphasize conversion because this part can raise your sales and customer, and it’s the most efficient marketing for pharmacies, but don’t underestimate the past 2 steps mentioned. Conversion focus on increasing the percentage of site visitors who perform a specific action or purchase. Again, your pharmacy website‘s appearance and information are important in conversion.


After your customer purchases or books some services, you have to try to keep them. Here, service quality plays the main role. If you provide high-quality services, your customer will stay loyal to your business and advocate for you and recommend it to others. Good customer support, special offers for old customers, and giving some facilities are simple examples of keeping the loyalty of your patients.


And last but not least, advocacy is the last marketing strategy you must plan for. Advocacy focuses on getting your current customer to advocate for your business. Advocate marketing includes some actions such as:

  • Facebook Status
  • YouTube Reviews
  • Instagram Posts
  • Tweets 
  • Following and sharing your content

With advocacy, it’s more likely to get new customers than advertising because people trust each other more than ads. 

efficient marketing

Marketing strategy if fewer patient book treatments

While the economy changes like inflation, people tend to change their purchase attitude and making a decision can be more price-sensitive than usual. Many will look for the lowest price or a discount to make purchasing easier. This can make a great situation for you to offer tempting services and put your competitors behind. 

Here is some efficient marketing for pharmacies tips to use in this situation:

  • Take advantage of content creation to educate your prospect on what to expect from you and know the value of services. You can create pages for products and services, demonstrate your expertise and offer advice to patients. 
  • Offer a booking system and explain about kind of appointment for your customer. It is also good to offer special appointments for new customers and give them some facilities.
  • Find the most popular way for customers to book your services. Most of them reserve from your website or via phone. Either way, you must ensure contact information exists on your website, and patients don’t need to look for it.

Digital marketing strategy if costs are rising

We have to expect advertising costs to rise and any other thing during inflation. Even without inflation, relying on one marketing ad or using many of them was not logical. Anyway, you must find the most efficient marketing for pharmacies and choose the one which suits you. Marketing strategies are different for each business and must change and update the time. 

Generally, here are some tips to make a profit and find a rise in your ROI while costs are rising:

  • Reassess your account and see if your marketing campaigns are still profitable or not and if they still drive you to your main purpose. Focus your budget on campaigns that bring more customers and target people who reserve services more.
  • Double-check your ad audience and geographical targeting to see if they work. If you are a local pharmacy, focus on people closer to your pharmacy and people who are a closer demographic match to your ideal client.
  • Use your creativity and express your brand or services in a new way. For example, instead of copying advertisements from others, develop a new idea and talk about a feature that makes you special.

Final thought

In this article, we summarize some ways of efficient marketing for pharmacies to help you keep growing and boost your business while the economy changes and inflation. No matter how the economic situation worsens, marketing strategies always have something new that helps you change everything. Doing your best to create a friendly relationship with customers or patients and provide high-quality services can be enough to ensure they not only come back for your pharmacy but also bring new patients and recommend your pharmacy to others for free!

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