Advantages and disadvantages of telemedicine from 3 points of view

Telemedicine is making a deep modification in our lives. You wonder why? Well, consider there would be no hardship in having a quick visit with any preferred physician to have your annual checkups, prescription renewals, or any diseases that can be diagnosed via telemedicine. 

In this article, we will tell you more about telemedicine’s pros and cons but before that, let’s have a review of what it is telemedicine? This way, you can understand the advantages of telemedicine much better. 

What is telemedicine? 

Telemedicine is the act of visiting physicians remotely through a phone call, a video call, or even a text chat! This trend was popular in Canada during the Covid19 pandemic, and currently, after all those lockdown days, it changed into a practical choice for patients, physicians, and pharmacies. 

Presently, Avicenna is a reliable telemedicine platform providing user-friendly services in Canada. Here you can learn more about the advantages of telemedicine services listed.

  • What are the general advantages of telemedicine?
  • Generally, telemedicine results in many benefits, including:
  • Minimizing the risk of infectious diseases 
  • Much more convenient
  • In access to everyone with an internet connection
  • Compatible with insurance policies
  • Suitable for emergency cases
  • etc.

These are the general advantages of telemedicine for everyone in society. 

Telemedicine offers compatible services with insurance companies, which means the fees are paid by insurance if the patient applies with a valid PHN. 

Moreover, during a pandemic such as Covid19, it is better to keep most things at a distance so that telemedicine provides for this trend. 

Sometimes we may need a quick emergency visit with a physician when we can’t move to the physician’s office. This way, telemedicine will help you. 

Who doesn’t like staying at home and having an appointment with the desired physician without going out? And which physicians don’t like to be helpful to their patients while they are staying at home or off-task at offices? Telemedicine is the key to responding to these preferences. 

To check the advantages of telemedicine in more detail, we would like to provide you with the advantages of telemedicine for each group of people.   

What are the advantages of telemedicine for patients?

From the patient’s point of view, one of the most important benefits of telemedicine is minimizing the time spent visiting a physician. When it comes to visiting a doctor, hours are spent on just a 10 -minute appointment. We are mostly unaware of this time consumption action, and the biggest portion is transportation. Telemedicine keeps a 10-minute appointment truly at 10 minutes!

Another advantage of telemedicine from the patient’s point of view refers to the cost of appointments. We consider the time we spend visiting a doctor, but do we consider the side expenses? Typically, no! Because it doesn’t look like ok a big budget, but when visiting a physician turns into consistent action, these expenses can vary. 

It is also good to mention that telemedicine makes many patients feel less anxious and relaxed during the appointment since they are comfortably staying at their homes and having a peer-to-peer visit. 

What are the advantages of telemedicine for physicians? 

Various physicians in Canada like to work at home when they are not in clinics. In addition, some doctors experience free time during their working time at offices. Both these periods can turn into a working time to help more people diagnose their diseases or solve their problems, while more income is available. 

One of the other advantages of telemedicine for physicians is accessing their patients anytime, anywhere, in case of emergency. This means they can fulfill their Hippocratic Oath better via telemedicine.  

What are the advantages of telemedicine for pharmacies? 

Pharmacies usually have local clients. But imagine if this doesn’t shorten local clients; rather, it upgrades to every person in a province; how different the number of clients of a pharmacy would be? 

Via Avicenna telemedicine service, now pharmacies can promote their existence, and more clients will refer to them. This means more trust, more clients, and eventually, more income for a specific pharmacy. Besides, the process of telemedicine appointment setting stays the same for pharmacies. In other words, no upgrade and education are needed for pharmacies to work with new telemedicine services such as Avicenna, but they can make the most of its advantages. 

What are the disadvantages of telemedicine? 

So, among all these advantages, isn’t there any disadvantage? We have to say unfortunately there are a few disadvantages of telemedicine, but these are not a very big deal. However, to stay fair, we will take a look at them. 

  1. Physical conduction via telemedicine is impossible.
  2. The regulations and setting the appointment could be sometimes confusing.
  3. A trusted internet connection is required to download or connect the platform to set appointments and visit the doctor remotely.

Do the advantages of telemedicine overweight the drawbacks?

Of course, there are multiple advantages of telemedicine which can help different people, including patients, physicians, and pharmacies. However, technology is here to solve these types of issues as fast as possible. Then, we hope to see more telemedicine development shortly. 

On the other hand, some of the disadvantages of telemedicine are no longer unsolvable problems. For example, we all access a good internet connection to access different apps and websites related to telemedicine. It is also worth mentioning that Avicenna solved the regulation problem by providing a precise telemedicine service. 

Now, tell us if you have any other advantages and disadvantages of telemedicine in your mind, plus your suggested solutions if available. 

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