A Complete Review on the Effects of Patient Satisfaction in Healthcare

In the 21st century, satisfaction is one of the first factors of success in every field.

It can be satisfied for food, services provided, customer support, etc. Regardless of what field you are involved in, keep in mind that the key to success is satisfaction. 

In the healthcare sector, Avicenna made a tremendous change, and this change had a positive impact on our lifestyles. It resulted in patient satisfaction from its initial days of existence. 

Who wouldn’t like to sit at home and get diagnosed by the respective doctors we desire? Wouldn’t you love to sit at home and call your doctor’s appointment on time without delay? 

All these are taken care of by Avicenna and pharmacies in Canada. It is the main reason behind the satisfaction of patients in healthcare. 

To understand the concept better, let us learn more about patient satisfaction in healthcare.

What Is Patient Satisfaction? 


Thanks to technology and bright companies like Avicenna, a remarkable shift towards patient-centered models has resulted in patient satisfaction in the healthcare sector.

Avicenna focused more on patient satisfaction and the quality of care provided to the patients and gave positive feedback. 

It is described as the extent to which patients are satisfied and pleased with the healthcare services. 

The quality of care provides excellent insight into the different aspects of healthcare services. Patient satisfaction in healthcare can affect other parts of the healthcare sector, such as the patient retention rate, positive reputation, and even preventing possible malpractices.

According to the Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems survey, many healthcare systems are busy issuing their unique patient satisfaction surveys today. 

It is essential to understand what affects this issue in the healthcare sector. In the case of Avicenna, technology had its best role in achieving patient satisfaction as well. 

Patients were diagnosed and treated with the help of telemedicine and telecommunication, which is undoubtedly impossible without technology. Now patients can get their portals checked at home in their comfort zones and properly get their timely checkups done by their respective doctors. 

All these processes resulted in patient satisfaction from Avicenna and services in healthcare.

The survey added that patients are not only relying on healthcare services provided to them but are more focused on the attention and aftercare to be efficient, which again is impossible without the help of technology.

According to the New England Journal of Medicine, around 59% of patients have reported that face-to-face consultations have been more effective in patient engagement and satisfaction.

On the other hand, the JAMA International Medicine survey showed patient satisfaction when the doctors took their eyes from the screen for only a minute during consultation. 

Is Patient Satisfaction Important for Healthcare?

Patient satisfaction is essential for healthcare as it is a fantastic way to measure the quality of the services and care provided to patients. We should mention that patient satisfaction can affect the overall outcomes of clinics. 

It is also considered a proxy and a very effective indicator used to measure the success of the specialists who are busy diagnosing patients through telecommunication with the use of technology.

Patient satisfaction is often confused with patient experience, and you should know that patient satisfaction and patient experience are two different things. In various surveys, patient satisfaction is determined by determining the essential processes for the patient experience.

These two terms are related closely. For example, in the case of hospitals, they can improve the details of the patient experience, which will help them improve their services and patient satisfaction, and health outcomes.

The good news is that you can improve patient satisfaction by improving care coordination, training your respective doctors for a more effective communication strategy, and ensuring enough nurse staffing.

Patient satisfaction is paramount in healthcare as it can help us understand our weaknesses and strengths in the healthcare industry. Hence gathering feedback from patients will help the healthcare sector a lot.


Examples of Patient Satisfaction in Healthcare

Some of the examples of patient satisfaction worth mentioning are stated below such as:


Focusing on the communication process

It is an excellent way by which the communication process is made even more effective. It is two-way communication between the patient and the doctor via telecommunications.

Many patients desire to get involved in healthcare, and they want to receive a piece of detailed information about their health conditions, treatment process, and even the outcomes.

According to the article published by BMC Health Service Research, patients believe that the competencies of the nursing staff are to have the proper behavior and attitude. The nursing staff worked more on their behavior and attitudes to get patient satisfaction as much as possible.


Sitting with patients

Communicating is not enough. It would help if you sat with the patients, and it is a small act for you but a practical action for the patient. 

According to the Patient Experience Journal, the commitment to sit is a great initiative where nurses sit beside the patients during the shifts, even impacting the nurses’ perception and finally boosting the patient satisfaction rate.


Prioritizing teamwork

Another critical factor in the case of patient satisfaction in healthcare is prioritizing teamwork. Nurses are often the main point of contact with the patients, and they hear their concerns, answer their questions, and hear their complaints.

In the case of a busy healthcare sector, it gets challenging for the nurses to answer patients calmly. It is vital to train the nurses to build one-to-one relationships, and they will be encouraged in team building. 



Generally, satisfaction means many things to any field. Whether related to a B2B industry or a routine process such as patients contacting physicians, patient satisfaction is crucial to healthcare services. Today we are in the wake of patient-centered healthcare reform, where patients demand more significant claims regarding their healthcare.

Are you satisfied with the healthcare services that you get?



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