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A complete guide to adding a page for your pharmacy to Google my Business

Nowadays, the first step when you want to find information about somewhere is google searching. Google conquered almost 92% of search engines’ market share and has been at the top of information sources for years. Whether you are looking for an address or a quality social service, google will help you catch what you need. As a result, nearly 90% of businesses were trying to create a Google Business Profile to attract new customers. 

In this article, we are trying to create a complete page adding to google for pharmacies and help them to guide their client with valid information. Follow for the rest.

What is a Google Business Profile

Google business profile is a free term for your business listing. Generally, it allows you to provide a list of necessary information and photos of your business, including your location, products, and services. Creating a business profile is a great way to increase your pharmacy’s visibility across Google services.

The information from Business profiles normally appears in Google Search (first result page), Google Maps, and Google Shopping. As we mentioned about creating a business profile, the good news is anyone can create a profile on google just by adding the required information such as location, business name, and category. After registering, once google verified it is not a duplicate, they will make a profile for that location. 

After verification profile will be available for patients to leave reviews, add photos and ask or answer questions. In addition to the information you add, your profile might get populated with information that google pulls in from across the web.

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Why a pharmacy needs a Google My Business account 

Manage your pharmacy configuration online. 

When you create a business profile, you can easily update and control your contact information, work hours, and other essential data. Pharmacies also can post about new services like telemedicine, temporary closed, or any other changes. 

Build a trusted relationship with patients throws reviews

In their Google profile, patients can add as many or as few reviews about their experience with your business as they like. Reading reviews will help potential clients decide which business is better to choose and get services. In fact, Google combined rate and space for details review, which is a great element of social proof and trust building. 

Notice: Don’t panic about negative reviews; based on google statistics, a combination of negative and positive reviews is more trustworthy than tonnes of five-star reviews.

Get discovered on Google Maps

A business profile ensures people will find your pharmacy whenever they look for a telemedicine or product service in their local area. Google My Business listing shows and leads patients where and how to visit your pharmacy and improves your local SEO. 

In addition,  if you want to connect with potential patients online, it is crucial for the people who search for local pharmacies to find you on Google Maps and  get a sense of what working with you will be like. 

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How to set up a Google business Profile for a pharmacy

Now that you know the importance of opening a Google profile for your pharmacy, it’s time to know how you should do it. Ready? Let’s go.

1-Sign into Google business profile manager

Whenever you log into a Google account, you will automatically log into Google business profile manager. If not, you can enter your usual Google account and login required detail, then create a new Google account. 


2-Add your business category 

Enter your business name here. You have to find a pharmacy or health consultant in the drop-down menu, or if you can’t find it, click on Add your business to Google, select the health consultant category, and click on Next.

3-Enter your location

At this level, Google will ask you whether your business has a physical location or not. After clicking on the Yes option and add your pharmacy address. You might also be asked to sign a marker for business location on Google Maps, which will help your client drive or reach the pharmacy and find your location more easily. 

4-Fill in the contact information

To complete your profile, enter your pharmacy website address and phone number so the patient can reach you online or offline. Then click Next

5- Verify your business 

Information you should enter here will only be used for your business verification and will not be shown on your profile to the public. Enter your real physical business address so Google can verify your Business. After entering your address, click Next

Then you may get a suggestion from Google with an appliable option for account verification. Google will also mail you a postcard to verify your location as well. Once your five-digital code has been sent to you, add it on the next screen (or go to and click verify

You will receive confirmation if your address and contact information are successfully verified.

6- Customize your profile

Add any additional information about your pharmacy, like work hours, business descriptions, messaging preferences, and photos. Complete your Business profile and click Continue when you are done. Now you should find yourself in the Business Profile Manager dashboard, which will help you to manage reviews and messages, view insights, and create Google ads.

How to optimize Google local search?

When Google wants to determine local search ranking, three factors are essential:

  • Prominence: How well-known your business reputation is (based on several reviews, star rates, links, and SEO)?
  • Relevance: How good is your Google My Business listing pear with a search?
  • Distance: How close is your location to the search?

Follow the rest to see some tips for optimizing Google’s local search.

Upload real photos and videos of your pharmacy.

Your business profile needs a logo and cover photo. Our suggestion is to use images consistent with photos on your social profile to help the patients recognize your place more easily. To boost your profile, add more photos about your team, work environment, exact location, etc. 

For adding a photo or video to your profile:

  1. go to your profile dashboard and click on photos on the left of the menu
  2. first, upload your logo and cover photo 
  3. for more photos, click At work or Team on the top of the photo page
  4. if you want to add a video, click on the video at the top of the photo page

Verify your location

A verified location will boost your profile score for the distance factor. It’s also more likely to be shown in local search results in Google Maps. (If you skipped the verification part during account creation, you could do it now 

Use keywords in your profile

Use relevant keywords to increase your Business Profile level on Google local search. To find keywords about the health field, try Google Trends or Keyword Planner and improve your SEO. 

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Final thought 

Google Business Profiles help pharmacies to catch new clients and boost their online services. It also enhances customer experience (CX) and leads local patients to find your current location. Whether you are a newcomer or have years of experience, Google will help you reach more clients and provide better services. 

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