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5 ways to attract more patients to your pharmacy

When it comes to businesses like pharmacies or medical services, we all think that there is always a constant number of clients would be available. But have you ever noticed what you need to do if you want to attract more patients to your pharmacy? This article will go through the top 5 techniques that flow more patients and clients to your pharmacy. So, if you are a pharmacy looking for new clients and leading them to loyal ones, don’t miss out!


Pharmacies need marketing too!

Even though some may think marketing works only for businesses with non-specified clients, it could be a necessity for every type of business. Pharmacies are not excluded from this trend, and they need marketing strategies, especially when established. Don’t miss out on digital marketing and traditional marketing techniques simultaneously.

  • Be active on social media
  • Run your own website or use a third-party website to present online (Avee has this option for pharmacy partners)
  • Promote your pharmacy location on Google (add your location to Google)
  • Don’t miss banner advertisements
  • Rent some billboards around the city to announce your pharmacy opening event
  • Email current and potential customers newsletters if you get their email addresses
  • Prepare creative visit cards for your pharmacy and offer them to the patients
  • Try some new marketing trends, such as Influencer marketing, content marketing, etc.

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Be uniquely well-known

Marketing is not everything! No matter your business, you must be creatively unique to be valuable to clients. When it comes to pharmacies, creativity can be found in the services and the way you offer them. For example, if you have a simple service to book an appointment for patients in a few seconds, not only the patient experience is increased, but also you can save time to answer more clients. 

Another example is offering free services. You have to be selective about this item because you should be both unique and fundraising. Follow your competitors and try to be one step forward. Maybe offering clients free catalogs about a specific disease can be good inception. Other suggestion is listed below:

  • Free hair or skin consultants
  • Check-up reminders to send your patients
  • Medicine delivery to the client’s location
  • Etc.


Old customers are as valuable as new ones

Some of us may assume that always having new customers mean being a live business; however, it is not like that! Always note that it is way more affordable to keep older customers and turn them into loyal ones rather than attract new ones. As you have already paid to attract older customers, you need to enhance their experience and engagement to turn them into loyal customers.

Yet, this does not mean you can simply skip new clients! Try to make a balance between attracting new customers and keeping the older ones to be always fresh in having clients. It makes your pharmacy a popular one among the rest of the region. 

Host events (Real or Virtual)

It is good to be connected to the patients once in a while. It is also good to communicate with physicians. What you can do is host some events with different topics and invite people or physicians to take part in them. These events could be held on an online platform, like a webinar, or an offline event, like a seminar. You can also hold online or offline classes about medical services, self-care tips, etc. 

Even though these recommendations may seem simple at first glance, they are definitely useful. 

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Partner with another business to grow together

New pharmacies can reach local clients soon but may stop attracting new ones after a while. By becoming a partner with another business (e.g., the Avee telemedicine service), you can also introduce your pharmacy to the clients of this service. On the other hand, this service may also attract some of your local clients, which is again a positive point, since the more the partner grows, the more you develop. It is worth mentioning that, by joining a business as a partner, you can make the most of their services and become a unique pharmacy with unique services (which was already mentioned as a factor in attracting more patients to your pharmacy). 


Be a better pharmacy!

Believe it or not, there is a competitive market out there for all kinds of businesses. This is exactly where correct strategies can lead you to number one in your business category or remain an ordinary one. Pharmacies can also benefit from some techniques to attract more patients. In this article, we mentioned 5 ways to attract more patients to your pharmacy; however, there could be tens of other tricks to reach your goal. If you know more techniques, please share your ideas below the post. 

Don’t forget that if you are a pharmacy holder, Avee is ready to start collaborating with you and promote your pharmacy to be introduced to more clients and make the most of our telemedicine services. 

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