10 Amazing Digital Transformation Examples That Fascinate You

Today, the world is moving towards digitalization, and technology is developing fast. Digital transformation entered various fields; the healthcare sector was not excluded since it is literally a unique development and is potentially ready to make remarkable changes.

We can deliver sustainable value to all our patients and healthcare professionals using the latest technology and methodologies. Digital transformation is all about embracing the new trends and technology for betterment, even in the healthcare sector, to provide better services. 

Telemedicine, introduced by Avicenna, is one of the valuable digital transformation results. Stay with us to the end of the article to learn more about digital transformation and its prominent examples to understand its usage in different fields fully. 


What Is Digital Transformation?

Technology and digital transformation have helped shape our lives towards betterment, which results in more comfort and ease in our lives. In healthcare, digital transformation creates the building blocks of a unique approach for all patients. 

Different trends in technology have contributed to better healthcare services and digital transformation, such as telemedicine, big data, virtual reality, and even artificial intelligence. There are a few more worth mentioning, but we will keep it short.

Digital transformation is a continuous process, and it will keep on getting more and more advanced. When you start pursuing digital transformation in the healthcare sector, you should always think beyond technology, and you need to be able to drive more innovation.

You are the one who can select technology and provide healthcare services to all the patients, as Avicenna did with telemedicine. Digital transformation is nothing but changing analog information into a digital form, and that’s probably the simplest definition of this prompt. 

If you adopt digital transformation, you can bring many benefits to your business, society, and people. Now, let’s read more about this amazing upgrade together.


10 Examples of Digital Transformation in the Healthcare Industry

The best examples of digital transformation in the healthcare industry worth explaining are below, such as: 





To make it short, telemedicine is the process of setting a remote appointment with different physicians as soon as possible, and this has changed lives to a great extent. Avicenna worked hard to provide the best care to all the patients. Today, pharmacies take care of doctor’s appointments and medical issues for all patients in Canada. 

Telemedicine is a very convenient and accessible option when it comes to the healthcare industry. Patients enjoy timely doctor’s appointments from their desired doctors and a proper follow-up. Technology keeps developing, making patients keener; hence virtual visits are becoming commonplace.


Digital Health Tools

Patients using this fantastic digital transformation made progress faster than those who didn’t. They can track their sleep patterns, activities, and even drugs with the help of digital health tools. On the other hand, digital health tools can provide a better experience in telemedicine. 


Wearable Devices 

Thanks to technology, different wearable devices help track the heart rate, number of steps taken, and personal health. 

Different brands have unique wearable devices, such as Apple, Xiaomi, and Philips. However, you can find many different types and models in the market today. It is also worth mentioning that wearable devices can be used by elderly living alone to track their stats remotely. 


Artificial Intelligence

Not only in the healthcare industry but also in general, Artificial intelligence has changed everyone’s lives. It is not only limited to the medical imaging process; there is more to it, and it is all about the brilliant, innovative ideas we have in applying technology.

Today, there are even further plans regarding artificial intelligence in healthcare. It is highly desired to use artificial intelligence in medicines, straightforward and detailed diagnostics, and finally, improve the genes’ editing process.


Digital Twin

Digital twin permits all the healthcare providers to check all the what it’s of different scenarios and other procedures. 

In digital twin, doctors get a safer environment as they get a digital copy of the samples, which helps them check and experiment with the help of a unique database. In the end, it provides excellent insight from the experiments to the doctors.


Virtual Reality 

Another example of digital transformation is virtual reality. Today, VR is used a lot in the process of training doctors and in providing patient care. 

Its programs combine with medical imaging scans like x-ray and CTs. It is done to construct a 3D image from the results, which doctors will be able to see before starting any surgery.

In the case of cardiologists, it is different as they use augmented reality to train for heart surgeries. Keep in mind that VR can help inpatient care even in the cases of Alzheimer’s and dementia.


Internet of Things

IoT, or the internet of things, is described as the connected devices’ ecosystem. In the healthcare industry, there is interconnectivity that gives healthcare workers an overall view of the health status of the patients.


The Cloud

Cloud technology is very beneficial for the healthcare industry. It helps make data secure and maintains the current resistance in the industry to utilize cloud networks. 

Due to the GDPR law, many healthcare organizations today transfer any data to the cloud to keep it safer, more accessible, and more sustainable.



If you think Blockchain is only related to cryptocurrencies, you would better know it is not! Blockchain has many applications, even in the field of healthcare. 

It can provide all the patients with secure and safe data, improve the supply chain in the hospital, improve the interoperability of the issues, and a lot more. It can also improve the patients’ records that hospitals transfer between them to the insurance companies and establish data with the utmost security.



The final example of digital transformation is cybersecurity. Cybersecurity is a highly needed upgrade for the advancement of the functions to work correctly, mainly in the cases where there are third parties involved. 

Cybersecurity can also be better with the help of the GDPR law that is responsible for keeping all the patients’ data safe.

So, what does technology have for us? 

That’s it! Technology always has a gift for us, and what is better than being a gift related to health? This article taught us 10 prominent examples of digital transformation, regarded by technology, related to the healthcare industry. 

Among all these fantastic digital transformations mentioned above, which one were you aware of? 

What do you think is technology helping us make our lives easier and more comfortable, or has it made everything way more complicated?


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